Troubleshooting tips and guidelines

Remember to verify your email address

As part of the registration process, you will be required to verify your email address. This means that you need to open your email (for example Gmail if you have a Gmail account), find an email from us (NOMEConnect), open the email, and click on the link to verify your email address. Once you have clicked on the link, the system will redirect you back to the login page. You can then enter your email and password to continue.

When do I get feedback?

The final results will only be sent to the educational institution and not to you. Our report makes a recommendation only, the educational institution has the final say about granting you access or not. If the educational institution is taking longer than expected to get back to you, reach out to your college representative to request feedback.

Payment can take up to a day to reflect

When making a payment, it is important to make sure that you use the correct reference number provided to you by the system after you have chosen your payment method. Cash payments typically take the longest to reflect. Allow the system to process the payment. You will receive an email with a payment notification. If you have not received an email from us within 24 hours, let us know and we will investigate the delay.

Read the entire information document

Take your time to read the entire information document before you begin. We have alternatively added a link to a commonly asked questions library so that you can make sure that you understand fully what is required of you. It is best to prepare yourself well.

Email one of our consultants