The main steps involved in the RPL for Access Process:

Agree to terms and conditions

Before you start the process, it is important to assure that you meet the minimum requirements for the process.

Make online payment

Before you can begin, online payment needs to be completed. EFT, Credit Card, and Cash options are available.

Complete your online application process

The assessments that are involved differ from college to college. Please ask the college for the relevant information document for more information about the assessments involved.

Wait for the external moderators to verify your online application

Once you have completed your initial online application, we will verify it as the external moderator.

Follow the final assessment instructions that will be sent via email

The final online assessments and instructions will then be emailed to you which you need to complete. Some institutions require you to sit for a formal interview as well. The institution's Senate will revert back to you regarding the final decision along with access or if another pathway should be followed. The final decision will always lie with the educational institution.

How long does it take?

The process is entirely driven online. The time it takes to complete the process is entirely up to you. It can take from one day up to a few weeks.